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Kitty loves to perform!

Coyote hybrid, Kitty, is available for all types of media production.


Kitty invites you to come along on her exciting adventures! She became an animal actor and a public figure after earning her champion trick dog title. Kitty loves people and spreads 'Kitty Love' everywhere she goes! She has a unique, natural ability to act and plays to the camera.

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Kitty's Coyote Hybrid Heritage

Kitty comes from a line of working coyote hybrids that have appeared in films. Her full brother and other close relatives were in the movie "A Dog's Way Home." This unique breed mix has been praised for the exceptional workability and performance on set. Kitty has coyote paws which creates the movements that coyote's exhibit.

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Kitty loves @Forza10america Part 1

Kitty loves @Forza10america Part 1

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Studio Behaviors kids & crowds

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Kitty specializes in studio behaviors and loves performing. She earned her Champion Trickdog title at 7 months old. Kitty loves people & other animals! She spreads Kitty love everywhere she goes! Kitty loves it when people are happy. She physically & emotionally responds to people laughing. Kitty's breed mixes were designed to "look like" coyote. She comes from 2 generations of dog actors who have portrayed coyotes in movies. Like her relatives, she is a natural in front of the camera. In film, as well as print work, Kitty is focused & responds to silent cues. On Instagram...Kitty is a pet influencer representing several brands.

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