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The success of your project is very important to us. Whatever you may need, we can make it happen!

improvise • adapt • overcome

After browsing this page, if you don't see what you're looking for, please contact us! We can accommodate almost any request.

Southern California Coastal Mountain Movie Filming Locations

Special Features

Beautiful Mountain Views in All Directions

Houses, Living Patios & Other Structures

Campground with Boulder Shower & Bathroom

Lots of Indoor Production Space



Unlimited Sq. Ft. for Outside Productions

On Location Filming
Private Film Locations ~ No Permit Required ~ Less than 2 hours from Los Angeles

We know on location filming productions can be exciting, but also challenging. No worries.  We have you covered with WiFi, lodging and "made to order" catering.



Crew access is on the ground floor. There is lots and lots of space for trucks to unload and turn around. Many staging areas are available. All rooms and the exterior of the property are available for shooting.


This coastal mountain location has very unique, special natural light. We can accommodate special lighting needs indoors, including blocking out the natural light.


We can easily make a sound proof space according to your needs. It is very quiet out here. No city sounds. Most people comment about how quiet it is. The type of quiet that makes your muscles relax.


We have many outlets and power sources throughout the 8 acres.

Circuit breaker is accessible.

Available Add-Ons

Overnight Stays

Electrical - All electrical bundles

Food & Drink

Office Supplies

Heavy Equipment - Tractors, backhoes, dozers, lifts, trucks, etc.

Special Services

Staffing & Services

Delivery - All outside rentals, food, toilets, etc.

Furniture / Props - Dance floor rentals, etc.

Animals - We have the resources to bring in a wide variety of domestic and exotic animal talent for your project, including Kitty the Actress.

MacGyver Inventions - We can MacGyver (invent something out of nothing) anything you need!

Production Equipment

General Host Rules

Our only rule is... there are no rules!

Well, maybe just a few rules!  There are no specific rules outside of commonsense. There are designated smoking areas. Neighbors are many acres away so there is a lot of "elbow room," however, sound does carry out here so commonsense is no loud music or loud noise during the time "normal" people would sleep unless it has been pre-arranged.

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